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Results of the World Water Festival Prayer for Water Experiment

We would like to report on the results of the Prayer for Water Experiment we conducted during the World Water Festival. We prepared local spring water in a large glass bowl on the day of the festival and prayed to it together with local participants and participants from the Internet. Then we investigated how that water changed. On the day of the event, approximately 100 people on site and about 500 people via the Internet participated live in the event, and we prayed with everyone at the same time.

We would like to introduce some of the words and phrases we used in the Prayer for Water Ceremony here. Firstly, we chanted a prayer called “Blessing of the Waters”. It is a prayer of the following words

We pray for healing blessings from the rain…

We pray for healing blessings from the waterfalls…

We pray for healing blessings from the rivers…

We pray for healing blessings from the Mother Ocean

We pray that their blessings heal our mind and our body.

We pray that ALL our Waters so pure and sacred

We pray that their blessings heal our Mother Earth

Through our pure intention of love and gratitude to our Waters

We pray that the Water show us the right mindful path to live in Peace & Harmony

We chanted these words in both Japanese and English

Afterwards, we chanted the four words of Ho’Oponopono which Masaru Emoto had always chanted in past Prayer for Water Ceremonies in both Japanese and English. They are “Water, I’m sorry,” “Water, please forgive me,” “Water, I love you,” and “Water, thank you.” Then everyone offered prayers of love and gratitude to the water.

People who participated via the Internet were asked to pray over the screen for the water. After the Prayer for Water Ceremony, the World Water Festival was successfully closed.

Prayer for Water Experiments

To give you an idea of what kind of research we did, we first conducted a water crystal experiment at Office Masaru Emoto to observe how the crystal structures change before and after prayer.

In addition, we had a visit from Sawamoto Shoji, a Kanazawa-based company that specializes in water quality research, to examine various aspects of water quality, and we also tested the energy of water using the GDV developed by Dr. Korotkov, who spoke at the Opening Event.

Results of Experiments

1. Water Crystal Photos

We would like to report the results of the crystal photos. The water used for the Prayer for Water Experiment was spring water from the property of Gensei Kure, a local resident who is one of the organizers of the Festival.

The crystal photos of “Before Prayer” were taken from the water that had been sent to our laboratory before the World Water Festival. The “Before Prayer” photos show that they are very close to crystallizing, but they have not yet crystallized properly.

In comparison, photos of “After Prayer”, we have selected four symbolic photos to post here. You can see that they have transformed very beautifully, reflecting the Hado (vibration) shapes that we all prayed for. They are such lovely and beautiful shapes.

2. Water Quality Test

The following is the result of the aforementioned test conducted by Sawamoto Shoji, and it shows the results of 17 different water quality tests, the most notable of which is the COD value. COD stands for Chemical Oxygen Demand. It is used as an indicator to measure pollution caused by organic matter contained in water. The lower the COD value, the less pollution and the cleaner the water. The COD value changed from 15 to 7. Sawamoto Shoji, who has been conducting water quality surveys for many years, also commented that it was “impossible” for such a large numerical change to occur in such a short period of time from the same water.

Generally, it is said that a numerical value of 10 or higher is difficult for fish to live in, but it has changed to a value where carp and crucian carp can live. The first measurements were taken a few hours before the prayer ceremony, and when the exact same water was measured a few hours after the prayer ceremony, such a big change was found.

Other values show a decrease in electrical conductivity (higher values indicate more inorganic salts). This may be due to the fact that organic matter in the water, such as minerals, became finer as a result of prayer, which consumed oxygen, which in turn broke down the inorganic salts and made them finer. The electrical conductivity of the water also became one of the ideal values.

3. Measurement with GDV

We also made measurements using a device called GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization), which was developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian scientist who supported the World Water Festival and performed at the Opening Event.

In the case of water measurement using GDV, we observe the water pushed out of a syringe (water droplet) and the luminescence emitted by a high electromagnetic field. The high electromagnetic field causes the water droplets to discharge with luminescence, which is captured by a CCD camera. The captured images can be analyzed for parameters such as the size, movement, shape, and brightness of the luminescence using dedicated software, making it possible to compare various types of water numerically.

In the results of the water test measured at this GDV, the intensity of the water’s brilliance showed the obvious significant difference. It can be inferred that the prayers everyone offered strengthened the photons in the water and increased the degree of brilliance.


As for the results of the Prayer for Water Experiment, the crystal photographs show that the water absorbed and remembered the energy of the prayer, creating beautiful crystal structures, and the water quality test and GDV measurement show that the water has improved due to the increase of photons and the decomposition of organic matter and minerals by everyone’s pure prayer for water. We can conclude that the quality of the water was improved.

Yes, our collective pure prayers improved the water quality!


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