Water quotation (from where? This is an edit much later)

“We are amidst a revolution in water science.

The water molecule is fundamentally the most unique molecule on the planet. It’s the only molecule that functions as a translation unit from the biophysical field of energetics into biology via its vibrational state.

H2O is the most nefarious of compounds. It’s never H2O, but rather OH, switching its Hydrogens every millionth of a second. Think of it as an Oxygen in a quantum state of plasma, with an energetic field that releases and gains Hydrogen.

When that Hydrogen releases its electron, it becomes a naked proton, opening up the possibilities to connect with the quantum field.

Through the work of Nassim Haramein and others, we have demonstrated that the most complete model of the human proton is a black hole — a 64 double tetrahedron spinning in a double torus. This shape creates the exact form and function of the black hole that sits in the center of our galaxy.

Interestingly, black holes have long been recognized by astrophysicists to be connected by wormholes, with information that emanate from those black holes and galaxies from across the universe.

These scientists initially thought the emissions were no more than chaotic information. But today, we now understand what emanates is actually structured knowledge in constant communication.

So what is the fabric of the universe? What is the fabric of the knowledge field? What is God?

It’s starting to look like the sacred geometry of the black hole.

If every black hole can communicate no matter its fractal scale, then the proton released from water — a bare Hydrogen that lacks its electron for just a millionth of a second — can connect with all information on the planet and in all the universe through its black hole space.

Now think about this: As human beings, our protons are spinning black holes in a water state. Every millionth of a second, we allow for the transmission and reception of all of the information we generate from our entire experiential existence.

The possibilities are endless…”


~ by iwhist on January 15, 2022.

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