Structured Water

Found this today. I’ve been wondering how to drink tap water at home. I cannot vouchsafe this borax business yet, until I research further.

“When filling up your water bottle from the tap you are adding fluoride & chlorine to your mix so take i/8 teaspoon of borax powder (20 mule team brand at your local Walmart) this removes fluoride both from the water and from your body which works to decalcify your pineal gland. This also raises mens testosterone levels and repairs and reverses arthritis and stiff joints. Borax is also extremely alkalizing in itself! Add 1/8 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate (VITAMIN C) which removes the chlorine. Once done adding all of the ingredients you must grab a wooden spoon and start to mix for 30 seconds. You want to mix in a circle very quickly so to create a vortex or a whirlpool effect. This changes the structure of the water to a new form we have little research on.

The water becomes structured water and works as a battery, absorbing energy immediately around it and charges itself. That is why on the water bottle you must take a permanent marker and write positive affirmations on the side so the water will store the energy from the thoughts manifesting through the written words. Water holds memory and sending healing and loving thoughts and words to make contact with the water and then drinking it can heal you and help to manifest that which you have written on the bottle. God bless and this recipe is the most powerful water purifying recipe online, I promise. Oh one more thing, instead of using tap water, go to Walmart and take advantage of their “bring your own jug and refill your filtered water for .33 cents per gallon. This water is triple filtered and also filtered with ultraviolet rays. Take it home and follow the top recipe and enjoy wonderful health!”

From the comments in “” 

More on Borax…fascinating stuff

Borax has to be 20 Mule Team and tiny amounts.

Maybe I need a disclaimer here. I trust the following suffices…

I’m not a doctor, do this at your own risk.

I’ll try it myself and see what happens and post….


~ by iwhist on November 12, 2015.

One Response to “Structured Water”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for posting – this is interesting. I will try to enhance my drinking water with some Vit-C.
    I think that – if not RO – the Walmart water is an excellent idea.

    I (not a doctor) would suggest – from what I read elsewhere – that the quantity of borax you suggest should be scaled down.
    Whilst this is an element vitally essential to the human body (Many processes need it), just a “Dip of a wet finger in a jar” seems to be the required amount per each day. MORE is NOT always good! High amounts of Borax have the potential to become VERY toxic!

    I personally have a FlowForm ( which processes my DEAD Reverse Osmosis water 24/7 into a “Living State”. Pump uses 4 Watts of electricity.
    Non-Flowing ( and RO as well) water is DEAD and performs hydration under duress and with difficulty!!!
    RO-treatment ensures that no “nasties” are contained from the “RainWater” which is the input water to this unit. (Birds & Possums, Jet Fuel, pollution etc). RO will also filter Chlorine, deadly Fluoride and many other nasties contained in Metropolitan drinking water supplies.

    I add about 1/4 tsp of Himalayan salt (Sodium & Trace minerals) per 3 Ltrs in the flowform. As very Pure water cannot be structured this enables the water to be formed into a “Liquid Crystal” perfect for hydration.
    Just think, “Humans & Animals” in the wild used to drink from mountain streams which contained riffles, and as a consequence, vortexes to structure the water and oxygenate it!

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