Starfish & Anenome, Warc & FeFF.

anenome-16x20Starfish in PEI and Anenome in B.C.

These pieces were extended from pans and made into a visual quilt, shown as part of the Female Eye Film Festival’s photography show at the Women’s Art Resource Center.   FeFF shows international films directed by women which are impassioned and inspired, seen at the U.N. (See U.N. Task force on Gender and Water.) Upcoming dates in Toronto March 25th-29th 2009.


~ by iwhist on March 9, 2009.

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  1. To Inger Whist: Hi Inger I tried umpteen times to reach you by phone because of the happy 7×7 today but it didn’t work!!! Wrong number? And your emailaddress is at the office so now all I could do is track you down thru this website! Hope this reaches you…49 hugs, send me your correct number…and skype?? XO Tish

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